My indie game development setup! (updated)

I am currently creating a new indie game from scratch using only #opensource application and my imagination.

COMPUTER: Toshiba Satellite A8 laptop (AMD A8-6410 CPU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics × 4, 4GB DDR3L memory / 750GB Hard Drive). Nothing fancy whatsoever, just has a great keyboard and display. Is fast enough for the way that I work.

OS: My current operating system of choice is Ubuntu 16.10 LTS ( I’ve found that this Linux distro has the most game development apps and the large majority are free and open source.  It’s based on Debian and is very easy to install & manage.

Mango Saur by Jeremy Light

PIXEL ART/TILESETS: I am generating sprite/pixel art and tile sets for the characters and environment using ASEPRITE exclusively ( This is a sophisticated and feature-rich pixel art editor that is fun and easy to use. Bonus: even the menus and tool bars have that jagged eighties pixel look. I still use GIMP for some tasks.

SCRIPT: I am writing the script (as in story, not C++ or Python) in Libre Office Writer 5 ( I would have selected an even simpler text editor, but I need to be able to throw graphics in here and there (a la storyboard) to make sense of what I write. I am actually having a lot of fun writing for my game, my other passion is writing fiction. I have been published in magazines and literary journals five times so far this year (It’s July of 2016).

GAME ENGINE: I sometimes wish that I had the skills and time to make a 3d game and if I ever do, I’ll use Leadwerks Game Engine – Indie Edition ( Just looking at all of it’s features makes me salivate. For the 2d RPG that I am working on, I have several options and plan to try a few more out. LÖVE ( is by far the coolest looking though it doesn’t use the Python programming language. Two more that I have my eye on: Flare (, PyGame ( You’ll probably be hearing a lot more about PyGame if you keep reading my posts.

INSPIRATIONS (commercial only, I’ll save indie inspirations for a dedicated post): Phantasy Star II, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Zelda, WoW, Heroes of the Storm, Vampire The Masquerade, any Gameboy or NES-era RPG, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Warcraft 3, etc.

P.S. To explain my featured image: I began making a heavily pixelated Charmander and then decided halfway though just to make it a mango-colored dinosaur with his tongue hanging out (aka Mangosaur).